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The Flipper


“The Flipper” is our newest grill design, where you are able to flip the grill grate for easier addition of fuel as well as flipping everything at once. King Classic Smokers are built on being a better-quality product that can handle anything from small evening meals to large family & friend gatherings. This is the ultimate grill for tailgate party’s as well.

Product Overview

1″ x 1″ Angle Iron Construction. One frame is smaller than the other so that the two grates can be sandwiched to hold your food in place. When you pull down on the handle it flips the grate 180 degrees. The burning tray can be raised and lowered to better regulate the heat for more even cooking.

Product Dimensions

Length: 26″
Width: 32″
Height: 52″
Cooking Surface Area: 28″ x 22″

Additional Details

Build Material: 1″ x 1″ Angle Iron

Product Options

Trailer Hitch

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