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King Classic Smokers

King Classic Smokers was just an idea that came from the purchase of a normal retail grade smoker. This idea turned into one of the Biggest & Baddest Smokers on the market.

“I bought a regular smoker at a local retail store and thought to myself; ‘I can make something even better than this. Something that’s bigger and better,'” said Jeremy VanDreel (Creator/Mastermind behind King Classic Smokers & Seven7Customs).

King Classic Smokers is built on being a better quality product that can handle anything from small evening meals to large family & friend gatherings. Contact Us to receive more information on King Classic Smokers.

7 Seven Customs

7 Seven Customs, the parent company of King Classic Smokers, was founded by Jeremy VanDreel in 2017 and has seen plenty of amazing projects come through the door ever since. 7 Seven Customs offers many custom fabrication/welding jobs using Mig, tig stainless & aluminum, spray arc etc. 7 Seven also does automotive diagnostics and repair as well as custom automotive needs (wide range, call or email with any questions).