The Start of Something Great.

Great products sell themselves. — Kevin Systrom

With the launch of this website, I am excited to announce that my friend Jeremy VanDreel’s dream of establishing King Classic Smokers has officially become a reality. I am thankful for the opportunity to help Jeremy build this site as well as this brand as I also try to build my own name and brand in CL_Productions. He’s a great guy that makes one hell of a product and I think everyone who gets the chance to own a King Classic Smoker is going to be beyond ecstatic with the product they receive. Jeremy has worked hard starting out his own business, 7 Seven Customs, from the ground up and has now been able to expand that into something he is also very passionate about which is smoking and grilling amazing food. He has taken his new found passion in cooking and has created a masterpiece of a product. “The Big Mitch” is truly a smoker built for a King. Congrats Jeremy on this new journey and I know people will absolutely love this product.

Caden Lindner

Marketing & Web Design

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